An Instant
"Is this what you wantedto live in a house that is hauntedby the ghost of you and me?”

Stubborn eye make-up not coming off? Cry until your sockets swell shut and your runny make-up will be the least of your problems.

Google Street View: A Selfie

Night Walks

Late at night I like to go out and walk through a neighborhood that is several bus stops away. The windows are always open and the lights are always on so I can see inside of the houses perfectly. Nothing is as erotic to me as watching a posh family of four eating their dinner or an exhausted husband and father slouch in his study with a glass of scotch or brandy. I take to the shadows and watch watch watch -wondering about their limpid window lives that I have the delight to observe.

A monocled man waltzing with a corseted bust -having the time of his life probably."I’ve never been this close to a women before.Oh, don’t say such naughty things!”The conversation had during the waltz, most likely.

Fill and fulfill the raggedy wretch reeling on your floor (she is the pungent prurient pleading on her knees).

I really want these socks. I thought the wonderful world of Tumblr might be able to appreciate them.

"I’m very attracted to things that I can’t define"

Raf Simons

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